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the1sttimhurst asked:

You realize by oppressing the majority you're no better than any other judgemental prick? Your beliefs are completely made up, have no scientific backing, and go against what's already been proven. I respect differences of opinion, but what you're saying isn't an opinion, it's wrong. Stop being so immature, looking for attention, and bashing the majority. Grow up.


By the very definition of “opression,” one is not able to oppress the “majority.” 

We are assuming you(s) have no idea what oppression even is, even though the same instrument you(s) utilized to send us this hate mail can give you(s) access to the entirety of human knowledge in literally 4 seconds. 

As for your statements on science, We are sure you(s) know tons of things about science! Yes, please tell us all about science with that PhD you(s) totally have. 

"Stop bashing the majority."

- Oh shut up. 

As defined by Merriam-Webster, to oppress is, “to treat (a person or group of people) in a cruel and unfair way. Since you’re comments are perceived as racist against white people and sexist against men, and I do believe white men are both groups of people, the word oppression fits.

I apologize, I didn’t realize you had to have a PhD to have any common knowledge of science. My understanding was through a little research, and use of logic and reasoning one is able to figure things out.

I wouldn’t care about the things you say if it wasn’t hurting people, but your bigotry and expression of it is in fact hurting people. Tumblr is a fragile place for some people. You’re welcome to your beliefs, no matter how crazy they may come across to me. I just ask that you treat people with the respect you seem to be lacking. Thanks.

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